Bizlink, creating new doc types for tracking metadata

So for what ever reason bizlink is set up with some of the more common doc types say 850’s and 810’s etc… to grab the useful metadata and index so you can search on it…. but it neglects to do this for all types… seriously, it would not be hard for them to do this correctly. Anyways when you contact them about it, they so kindly refer you to their professional service$ dept.

So, I am going to try and tease it out on my own.

The manual is at least kind enough to let you know that the xml files live in


Clicking around the genst_GP looks as likely of a template as any for my 945, so I make a copy of it and rename it genst_945

I think the ST and SE should be boiler plate so I’m focusing more inside the ‘G01′

So instead of a G01 I want data from the W06


<Record Name=”G01″ Comment=”Beginning Segment for Invoice” MinOccur=”1″ MaxOccur=”1″ Optional=”M”>
<Element Name=”G0100″ Comment=”Segment Id” Optional=”M” Validator=”G01″ Saved=”SegmentName”/>


<Record Name=”W06″ Comment=”Beginning Segment for warehouse transfer advice” MinOccur=”1″ MaxOccur=”1″ Optional=”M”>
<Element Name=”W0600″ Comment=”Segment Id” Optional=”M” Validator=”W06″ Saved=”SegmentName”/>

Now looking at this line

<Element Name=”W0601″ Comment=”Date” EdiCode=”373″ Optional=”M” VisableAttrs=”EdiCode”/>

I need to change the EDI code to a 514 that I have in my edi spec for the W06

so becomes

<Element Name=”W0601″ Comment=”Reporting Code” EdiCode=”514″ Optional=”M” VisableAttrs=”EdiCode”/>


<Element Name=”W0602″ Comment=”Invoice Number” EdiCode=”76″ Optional=”M” VisableAttrs=”EdiCode” Saved=”SigId2″/>


<Element Name=”W0602″ Comment=”Depositor Order Number” EdiCode=”285″ Optional=”M” VisableAttrs=”EdiCode” Saved=”SigId1″/>

(Changed it to SigId1 since that is the Document Number 1 I want to populate)

So I’m going to continue this editing and then bring in a 945 and see if it does anything useful for me. (I also created the 945 doc type on the Setup / Doc Types screen and pointed it to /genst_945.xml)

#Mapforce 2014, cool beans

So I have been rockin mapforce like its 2008. I finally got around to getting updated and on 2014. My favorite additions so far are the dynamic file paths. I used to have to edit the generated code but now I think I can do it all from within the mapforce studio! I used a simple wildcard path for the input path, and then used a get-folder + concat + ‘xml\’ + remove-folder and a replace-fileext and plugged it into the outbound file and wala there ya go!

Qlikview Tip – fix if you are getting blank lines from a stored procedure

I have been dealing with this same issue > SQL Svr 2008, and using temp tables.  Works fine over ODBC, but nothing is returned over OLEDB.  I was able to get around this by adding set nocount on to the proc, e.g.:



or you can use ODBC





BizLink Install Part 2

Now we need some AS2 action. So I went to Parties (who doesn’t like parties??)

Since I already have an AS2 server I figured I would use it for testing against. So I grabbed its address and public cert, next I ran the AS2 Setup Quick Start Wizard that is on the welcome page.

This configured my local AS2 server I named it NFFCTEST and set the AS2 URL to reflect the ip of the system, I’m assuming I will set it to an external IP when I go into production.

It auto generated a cert for AS2 which was nice of it.

So now I needed to add an External Trading Partner

I gave it a name, typed in the AS2 Identifier and the AS2 URL. Originally I forgot to include the port (which made it not work of course)

I set a Customize Subject Header, and use EDI Message (I don’t know if this is correct, but it matches my other server settings)

I set the S/MIME Signed/Encrypted for the format type. For the Encryption Algo I set to DES3 168 (it defaults to AES 128) and signing algo to SHA1 160

I added the public cert that came from my other AS2 box.

I enabled Retry, 3 times, every 300 seconds.

I enabled Resend, 3 times, 1 every hour.

Then submit.

– Ok so that’s all fine and good. Now I need to get a file into this thing.

I went to Server, services. And then clicked add. Then added Directory Monitor Inbound. I created a folder and used an Include Mask of *.edi

I just specified the Originator / Recipient because I thought that was easiest!

I set the scan frequency for every 10 seconds, from 00:00 to 12:59 PM

Ok, now let’s drop a file in and see what happens.

If everything works you should see the file, and you should be able to click on it and get to this message tracking screen












Stupid Adobe Reader XI, setting printer dialog Actual size

No matter what you do, this setting will not stick. To get it to stick

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\11.0\AVGeneral]

Bizlink install process part 1

The Bizlink install was a very straightforward process and it took me about an hour to complete. Go to the download site



I choose the 64bit version. It was pretty much a next, next, next install. I choose BizLink, New Installation, and installed onto a single machine. If you were going distributed I think the install could get much more complicated :) I accepted all of the default ports. I made a quick MS SQL database for it as well.

Next you need to install all of the various parts to run as a service, this is pretty easy you just go into the dir you installed bizlink, then app3.3.0\bin then do the below



Next, I had to license it. To do so you go to Setup > Licenses, Click Add, choose upload license file, and then give it a name.

One slightly tricky thing was I wanted to patch 3.3.0 to current. So I clicked on Software Patches, hmmm I see I think that’s what I want. I can never figure out if I have Bizlink or BizManager or whatever… anyways… hmm how to install. Oh yeah if I download BM_33017_Release_Notes.pdf  (that BM stands for BizManager and not bowel movement I guess) there are the instructions. Unzip the patch to /app3.3.0 and the go into /app3.3.0/bin/ and Run as Administrator on the installpatch.bat

Easy peasy. Next post, how to get AS2 up and running

Bizlink, Axway, Liaison comparing EDI platforms

So it’s impossible to compare EDI platforms since no one wants to give me a trial copy to test. When we were evaluating SANS the Equallogic folks dropped one off and said here yeah go, take it for a spin. Those were people that were proud of their software. We bought an Equallogic. Why are they so ashamed? Anyways, we ended up going with Bizlink for the moment. So far the install process was straightforward, it took less than an hour. I’m working on configuring some trading partners. We will see how it ends up.


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