#Qlikview QlikTech Open Data Challenge, Do you Realize

So Qlikview recently ran a ‘Take Action Open Data Challenge’, basically use Qlikview on public data to uncover unexpected insights to positively change the world.

The 1st Place winner was ‘Do you Realize’ created by Alexandre Perrot, and Software Advice wrote a post on how he goes about developing dashboards.

The first point is to Think about the data. This is a great reminder, thinking through a problem can often times save you a lot of time later.

The author recommends a snow flake schema, this is pretty typical Qlikview recommendation.

He then next thinks about what the user is going to click and interact with. He started out with an overview screen.

This qlikview is very much an example of information storytelling, something Donald Farmer would no doubt approve of.

do you realize

Clicking on Start tests your knowledge of what potentially will occur as far as population growth and environmental changes. It scores you as you move through it. Clicking on the leaf or the heart on the side takes you to the Environment or Health pages. Clicking on the word ‘environment’ or ‘health’ takes you no where, I would assume those button-like objects would take you there as well. Slightly annoying.

As you move through the quiz you are given the opportunity to learn more, which will take you to the salient detail screen… continuing your knowledge foraging. I did wish that I could click back to where I was in the quiz instead of having to restart each time though.

After the Overview screen he advises to create screens that help a user understand a given KPI.

He advises using color to convey change. I agree completely… but in this case I think too much color and too much chart junk is used. http://www.perceptualedge.com/articles/visual_business_intelligence/rules_for_using_color.pdf


I find the use of color a little overwhelming. I would remove the ‘blue haze’ behind the map. I do like the map it is very visually appealing. I’m not a big fan of the pie chart, neither do I like bubbly iphone’ish pie charts.

Overall I agree with the points laid out by the post. I would recommend a simpler approach, but that just my 2 cents.

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#Qlikview Responsibility Box

So this is a simple idea so that users know who to go to with questions about specific Qlikview i.e. who is the ‘SHMEEEE ‘

So use a variable in the load script

vDocOwner = ‘youremailaddress@somewhere.com’

Now create a text object displaying the vDocOwner

If you want to be extra fancy (For extra fancy you can even include the name of the document in the subject…. & subject=)

In its properties, on “Action” tab, choose : “Open URL”

In the command line, write :


Now if they click on they can send the responsible party an email….

There, enjoy extra responsibility responsibly




Also, I should make a link to a wiki page that describes the Qlikview but I will save that for later.

#Qlikview rules of thumb

This is a short list but will continue to add more. These are mainly coming from the Qlikview masters summit

Declare all variables in the script (Especially important if you use source control)

Drop the seconds from DateTimeStamps if not needed (probably not needed most of the time)  I’ve been using cast(TheDate as Smalldatetime) as TheDate as a SQL way of doing it (any better ways??)

IF’s are evil, especially if the execute for every row

How I’ve been #Qlikview ing lately, update

So in addition to the below


And I also started using subversion for source control


I also like to make a simple little deploy .bat file. This guy copies over my changes, and then runs an EDX command (setup your reload with an EDX task) This way I can check my changes on the server.


xcopy “C:\Working_Qlikview\Financial Statement New.qvw” “\\qlikview\c$\Qlikview\QlikView Storage\Private Data\Source Documents\In Production\Accounting\Stuff.qvw”

ECHO Please Wait While Data Refreshes
\\qlikview\QMSEDX_CommandLine\qmsedx -task=”Distribute Stuff” -qms=http://qlikview:4799/QMS/Service -password=apassword


Some #Mobile #Qlikview Designs

So I have been working on setting up some scorecarding and dashboarding Qlikviews for display on iphone/ipads. One design tip: design it to be readable on an iphone and it will look perfect on an iPad.

So for lack of a better name I call the top of our “BI” pyramid the scorecard. This is simply a rolled up grade of some metrics.

It looks like this:



If something concerns you (or you want to know more, you simply press say the Bookings KPI) and that will open up the Bookings KPI Dashboard. I did this with an ‘Open URL’ Action and the use the

‘AJAX’ link to the qlikview http://qlikview.nffc.local/QvAJAXZfc/opendoc.htm?document=Sales/BookingsKPI/BookingsKPI.qvw&host=QVS@qlikview

bookings dashboard



Now, if you want even more specific information you can drill down by pressing the ‘To Bookings By Commodity”


This opens up the Bookings Commodity Dashboard

It looks like this

Notice buttons down the right (better ipad/iphone UI)

Sales Type COMMODITY customer

I use list boxes because this allows for single click (instead of click and hold which I find an annoying interface most the time) for charts I will overlay a listbox to accomplish this.



Random #Qlikview Learning

Need to create a list box that actually doesn’t show the excluded values create a ListBox with an expression (Scroll all the way to the bottom when picking a field)

=aggr(Only([Commodity code]), [Commodity code])

I’m overlaying a Listbox over a Chart because with the iphone/ipad a listbox allows single click to make a selection.

If you need to change the background of a list box then you need to pick a different style other than Qlikview Classic, then you are able to change to background color and do transparency.

Source Control (Subversion) With Qlikview 11.2

So, we already have an SVN server setup for our RedGate Sql Source Control. It is a easy install of visualSVN. (Subversion 1.7)

I haven’t compared it yet, but eventually want to compare it with the colab net version.

This is the doc I’m working from for Qlikview source control (It’s outdated but hopefully it will work good enough)  http://community.qlikview.com/docs/DOC-3424

So I’ll download myself some TortoiseSVN 1.7.11, I had to specify that I want the command line tools (I’m pretty sure I will need these)

Based off of Page four of the Source Control Whitepaper it looks like it need to configure the Source Control Settings/SVN settings. The path in the guide is c:\program files(x86)\Subversion\bin\svn.exe

After installing tortoiseSVN it looks like there is a copy of svn.exe in the C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin\svn.exe  directory

C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin\TortoiseMerge.exe is in this dir as well

And the Merge Tool Parameters:  /base: %base /mine: %mine /theirs: %theirs /merged: %merged

Then you can check a project in, hmm so far so good it looks like it works.



Creating fake list boxes in #Qlikview (So you have much more control over appearance)

So I wanted the functionality of a list box but wanted more control over its appearance. So along comes this post by John Witherspoon


I agree that this should probably only used in limited situations but in my case I just wanted a simple selection of year and period.

Basically create straight chart with no expression

Then use the Background Color of the Dimension with a formula


To determine the color

Same with the Text Color

And text format



Initial Selection with Ajax and Qlikview

Often times especially with mobile qlikviews you want to set an initial selection. Unfortunately the OnOpen trigger is not supported with AJAX mode (which is the best way of accessing qlikviews with a mobile device)

How to best do this then?

Well at first I tried creating a bookmark and then saving the doc with that bookmark applied. Actually its interesting to use a search string to apply a variable as a bookmark. The Syntax looks something like =gl_perod_year=$(vCurrentPeriodYear)

Assuming you have Variable set with the right year data

Unfortunately this didn’t work. So I ended up using the OnOpen Trigger. Apparently, at the moment at least, if you apply a bookmark using an OnOpen trigger it seems to work well with the AJAX version. Go figure.

So, find out your bookmark ID and use that with an Apply Bookmark action

Clear as mud?



Some methods of Learning #Qlikview

I’m always looking for ways to increase my knowledge about Qlikview. I really wish someone would write a 1,000 monster Bible on the product but Alas I haven’t found it yet.

Some things I have found:

Books on Qlikview: Hello Qlikview  This is a nice little intro guide to qlikview, this is good to hand to someone who is just starting to get into self service BI using Qlikview.

Qlikview for Enterprises This is a very indepth book about BI, ETL, and practices surrounding an Qlikview implementation. It won’t really help you learn how to script / or design though.

Qlikview 11 Developers Guide This book isn’t released yet (as of 10/9/2012) it looks like it should be pretty good

The next thing that I find very useful is to follow people on the Qlikview Forum and read everything that they post :)

For scripting awesomeness you should follow

Henric Cronström and Rob Wunderlich

Speaking of Henric (I wish he would write a book on Qlikview!) you should read all of his Tech documents

http://community.qlikview.com/people/hic?view=documents  I really like





And speaking of Rob you should check out his downloads http://robwunderlich.com/downloads/  he has the awesome Qlikview CookBook as well as the Qlikview Components


I also like to follow Steve Dark all of the qlikviews he publishes are extremely well done and documented.

So, I also like to follow a bunch of Qlikview Blogs.

If you are interested in making Qlikview look Awesome you really need to read everything by http://qvdesign.wordpress.com/

I also like http://fortunecookiebi.blogspot.com/














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