Section 4: Fleshing out the mapping, duplicating input, adding a Database, User-Defined functions oh my.

Finally got section 4 done, its a little longer than the other sections so far.


And the sample-940

sample 940


Sections 2 & 3 of Mapforce EDI code creation guide.

This is section 2, it covers generating a control number

Section 2 Altova Mapforce EDI code creation guide

And section 3, which covers Exporting, Compiling, and Executing generated code.

Section 3 Exporting, Compiling, and Executing

Section 1 of my Altova Mapforce Code creation tutorial


That is a sample EIF file

And the PDF explaining it Section 1.1 of mapforce Guide


Miracle Fruit, Synsepalum dulcificum, miraculin, oh yeah and panang curry

So after reading this article on Miracle fruit I thought it sounded like a worthy botanical experiment 🙂 next I had to locate some Miracle Fruit seeds, luckily wikipedia and then came to the rescue. So I have some Miracle Fruit seeds on the way… hope that doesn’t get me investigated, miracle fruit does sound a little suspicious. Anyways I must confess that I am completely addicted to tai panang curry. I think there is pure addiction added to it.

Monster attacking the building

The building next door is being chomped. Oh and the vm conversion went fine this time 😉chomp

Converter woes

Always make sure of your radial button choices, especially when you are about to kick off an hour or two long process. I choose poorly, just the slight difference between Workstation 6.x, and the next radial button down which was VMware server 1.x. Oh well just have to convert it again.

Life, decisions, and multiple universes

Lately I’ve been thinking about decisions in relation to multiple universes. With a little googling I found it defined as “philosophical thoughts on multiple universes are concerned with “bifurcation points”, where decisions by beings of consciousness  cause a splitting of reality, and thereafter separate realities continue”

Whether or not this is really the case is not so much the point, just that it makes for an interesting thought exercise. For example, if I decide to take a midday nap, I sometimes wonder/imagine to myself ‘what are all the other Michael Ellerbeck’s that have split off from this point in time doing. I especially wonder about the more productive ones. This can be a motivating thought process. Then again, sometimes I just take a nap and let those other dimensional M.E.’s do all the important stuff.