Tweaks to help kronos timekeeper/hr run inside terminal server

I finally figured out how to get the pictures to display correctly in kronos HR under Terminal Server. Apparently the picture is downloaded as a temp file into the C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files folder. This is a rather random place for it but that’s a different story. So to bypass this I used SetACL.exe to give the TSE_Users change permission to the downloaded program files folder.

The bad part of this is that it opens an avenue for spyware, but surfing outside of the local network is pretty much locked down inside of TS.

The good part is they can see the pics

If anyone cares the SetACL command was SetACL.exe –on “c:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files” –ot file –actn ace –ace “n:seattle\TSE_Users;p:change

you might have to type it in, for some reason cut and paste wasn’t working for me. and SetACL can be found at

Windows XP service pack 3

So I installed, seems to work great! No great speed improvement that I noticed 🙂 but hey I was glad to not have it bluescreen my box.

How to find the uninstall string to uninstall a program from the command line

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I never knew where this was in the registry but

you can get the uninstall command from the registry at

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Currentversion\Uninstall\[name of
If you see QuietUninstalString, that would be the one I’d try first, but not
all applications have a QuietUninstallString


Busy today with postings, qlikview displays pictures, crownose suite

Worked on creating a Qlikview that would display pictures in a folder, got it working. That got posted to[action]=list_post&tx_mmforum_pi1[tid]=2411&tx_mmforum_pi1[fid]=9

Also, posted a link to the Crownose Suite on a Kronos User Forum. The forum is still small but hopefully will grow.

Macro Trigger Limitations, how can I overcome them? Qlikview

As the manual notes the following triggers are not to be used in the QlikView Server environment, since they lack meaning or may cause unexpected results:


This being the case how can you have a macro run when a qlikview is opened through qlikview server?

Also posted at the Qlikview Community[action]=list_post&tx_mmforum_pi1[tid]=2394&tx_mmforum_pi1[fid]=9

You have to give kudos to good companies, EmigrantDirect

EmigrantDirect has treated me very well, a very no nonsense, excellent online bank.

Qlikview with Sqlite

I just used this ODBC driver

And then created a new ODBC and pointed it at my sqlite database, and then used a normal ODBC CONNECT inside of qlikview.