How I’ve been #Qlikview ing lately, update

So in addition to the below

And I also started using subversion for source control

I also like to make a simple little deploy .bat file. This guy copies over my changes, and then runs an EDX command (setup your reload with an EDX task) This way I can check my changes on the server.


xcopy “C:\Working_Qlikview\Financial Statement New.qvw” “\\qlikview\c$\Qlikview\QlikView Storage\Private Data\Source Documents\In Production\Accounting\Stuff.qvw”

ECHO Please Wait While Data Refreshes
\\qlikview\QMSEDX_CommandLine\qmsedx -task=”Distribute Stuff” -qms=http://qlikview:4799/QMS/Service -password=apassword



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