#Mapforce 2014, cool beans

So I have been rockin mapforce like its 2008. I finally got around to getting updated and on 2014. My favorite additions so far are the dynamic file paths. I used to have to edit the generated code but now I think I can do it all from within the mapforce studio! I used a simple wildcard path for the input path, and then used a get-folder + concat + ‘xml\’ + remove-folder and a replace-fileext and plugged it into the outbound file and wala there ya go!


Qlikview Tip – fix if you are getting blank lines from a stored procedure

I have been dealing with this same issue > SQL Svr 2008, and using temp tables.  Works fine over ODBC, but nothing is returned over OLEDB.  I was able to get around this by adding set nocount on to the proc, e.g.:



or you can use ODBC