#Qlikview Governance Dashboard 2.0.2

To actually download it, as stated here

The QlikView Governance Dashboard is obtained from Log on with a registered customer or partner account and select Support. On the Qlik Support page, select Customer Downloads and then select the QlikView tab.

Then you have to scroll down to product to find it!

qlikview governance dashboard.PNG


#Testlio day 1

I have seen a fair amount of testlio ads of the book of face of late, so thought I would check it out.

You sign up and then they let you choose when you want to try a ‘test cycle’

I started my fist test cycle, you are immediately blasted with quite a lot of information to sift through.

The fist thing I found amusing was the testlio app actually crashed on me 🙂 where do I file that bug! he he but it is a very interesting platform, it will be fun to play around with it.

Add text to PRTG map

This is a little unintuitive

Found from this post

drop a Custom HTML Element on your map

while the element is still marked, look at the top right of the map editor where you can see the properties of the element

Top: Left: Width: Height: Layer: HTML:

use the little arrow at left to HTML

now enter your text in the HTML Before field and save.

now you should see the text in the Custom HTML Element on your map.

<font size=”8″>This is some text!</font>

if you want it to be bold

<b><font size=”8″>This is some text!</font></b>