Good smells for software packages #inductiveautomation #ignition

There is a concept of ‘code smells’

any characteristic in the source code of a program that possibly indicates a deeper problem.

I think there are some good smells for packaged software. Like fresh chocolate chip cookies.

The first and greatest is a great big button that says download to try it out, bonus points if I don’t have to register.


Letting you run the full suite for two hours at a time is also nice.

The nice fresh smell is to know how much the software costs without requesting a quote.

ignition pricing.PNG

Bonus points, an active forum




failed to initialize container mounts: failed to create overlay fs for container: mounting overlay solution GreenGrass

Greengrass currently doesn’t support Raspbian Buster or the latest kernel update for Raspbian Stretch, kernel 4.19.57. The Greengrass team is investigating what it will take to support kernel 4.19.57.

Before running apt-get upgrade be sure to block the latest kernel:

sudo apt-mark hold raspberrypi-bootloader
sudo apt-mark hold raspberrypi-kernel