ECM Queue Management

Hi folks, it has been too long! Well enough with the chitchat, so as some readers might know we have implemented an ECM solution for our accounts payable process. I like to call this our personal ECM cloud. Most recently this has rolled out to our remote locations. So, what has this system gained us? At […]

ECM, finding the ‘perfect’ scanner

We went through a lot of iterations trying to find a scanner that would match our AP process well. It’s very interesting that they don’t really make a class of scanner that fits what we wanted. We liked the simplicity of the Canon ScanFront but we learned that if we got a larger scanner we […]

Rapid ECM, Up & Running in two hours (AKA our personal ECM ‘cloud’)

The stack goes like this. Storage:                       EqualLogic PS6500 35TB Processing:              IBM 3850 M2 64GB RAM Virtualization:      VMWARE ESX OS:                                  Server […]

Initial ECM considerations, ImageSource

ECM, what fun, what joy

ECM, Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my? oh yeah and ImageSource

A foray into ECM, some ImageSource products, ILINX Capture, ILINX Content Store, ILINX Integrate

The state of EqualLogic (according to me, of course)

EqualLogic thoughts

iMplementing iLinx Capture – Part 4

OK, it has definitely been a while. Luckily our ‘ECM’ has mainly left us a lone and is functioning very well. Down to some nuts and bolts. Building on previous posts this will show a roll out to one of our plant locations.  So, when the document hits the Assembly stage in the batch profile it next […]

iMplementing iLinx Capture – Part 3

It’s been awhile since I’ve written, we’ve been real busy here with our AP process go live, attending the Nexus ECM conference, and just all of the regular stuff we do. A couple of things we have picked up on though, we really like getting a ‘bigger’ scanner because it let’s us turn our invoices […]

iMplementing iLinx Capture – Part 2 Batch Profile

So, to recap. Configure an input source, configure a profile, the input source categorizes an image(s) into a Batch Profile. (This is my simplistic understanding) Once the images are in the batch profile they need to be ‘indexed’. I believe that ‘indexing’ is what assigns them to a document type. So, right click, create new batch […]

Implementing iLinx Capture

As I mentioned in a previous post, we have had the fun of playing with the software ” Lego’s ” that makes up a large portion of iLinx Capture. At the heart of the matter you have the ILINX Server. This is a nice scalable service which allows you to process your image files. The Hierarchy goes something […]