Juniper Virtual Chassis and Equallogic iSCSi

It’s an unfortunate fact that even though Junipers have a great stacking feature (I think that’s how you classify the virtual chassis) there really is no documentation on how to use it with an EqualLogic SAN. There is one document published here Of course this only shows a lag configuration. Ok, I’m not a […]

#DELL #EQUALLOGIC Feature Request to Equallogic, please add READ ONLY to specific iSCSI initiator

Dell Equallogic, this has been asked many times. Is there any hope of getting READ ONLY for a specific iSCSI initiator. This will make your customers happy 🙂

Proper Etiquette For Unmounting a LUN or Detaching a Datastore/Storage Device from multiple ESXi 5.x #EqualLogic #VMWARE

So I was complaining to a group of fellow nerds about how much a pain in the butt it is to ‘properly’ remove a LUN from ESX… you know so that you don’t cause an APD incident (you know, accidentally freeze up all of your virtual machines…) So the proper procedure is painful (less painful though than it used to be […]

#EqualLogic time to rebuild RAID 50 two PS6000 ~ 5 hours

The two PS6000’s are in a group with capacity of 9.41 TB, 3.58 was reserved for volumes Had to pull out a drive, took about five hours to rebuild.

On replacing failed drives #EqualLogic

#EqualLogic has drives with mismatched RPM which may prevent all drives from performing at rated specifications. Mismatched drives should be replaced with matching RPM specifications

has drives with mismatched RPM which may prevent all drives from performing at rated specifications.  Mismatched drives should be replaced with matching RPM specifications After support reviewed the logs they said a drive failure was eminent, so replaced the drive.

#Equallogic I wish I could, blink a single drive

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to blink a single drive to identify it?

Equallogic PortForwarding and Server 2008 R2

Well, previously I would use the venerable rinetd to handle portforwarding on windows. But alas, along comes server 2008 R2 and it doesn’t working anymore (actually I never tested, it might work) But, Server 2008 R2 has built in functionality for port forwarding (nifty!) So I just gave it a netsh interface portproxy add […]

So you bought an #EqualLogic and now you are setting it up with #VMware ESXi 5.1

So I wish there was one consolidated doc of settings to change for ESXi 5.1 and EqualLogic. Anyone out there have more settings please let me know!! To start from here 1.)  Delayed ACK DISABLED 2.)  Large Receive Offload DISABLED 3.)  Make sure they are using either VMware Round Robin (with IOs per path changed […]

More #equallogic fun

This is never a good sign… lost two drives, guess I’ll be opening a support ticket….