Patent Drawings with Google Sketchup Part 2

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So I ended up using a few more open source programs with my patent drawings. I needed to add some cross hatch to the drawings which I couldn’t get to look right in sketchup. I was pleasantly surprised by the section tool, but I still needed to do some manual adjusting. So I exported to 2D (I changed the size to be about double) then I fired up the GIMP and brought in my drawing. I then created a hatch pattern, basically created a 20 x 20 pixel image with a line across it and then saved it as .pat file. I then moved my .pat file into the pattern directory of the GIMP and then restarted the GIMP (you have to restart to get it to reload the patterns). Then I pattern filled into the places I wanted cross hatched.


Patent Drawings Using Google Sketchup

So, I recently have started to use Google Sketchup for some patent drawings. I just barely touched SU a while ago and I remember not really getting it. Well, this time I actually watched a few tutorials and since I had some drawings I wanted to get done I started to get in the groove of SU. I like it, its pretty powerful. There are some times that I get stuck but little by little I get better. My favorite 3D program though is still but its pricey, I should have bought a copy while I was a student 🙂

I definitely have a love hate relationship with the patent that I am working on right now. But I am learning a ton by going through the process. I was having trouble getting my drawings out in a manner I could manipulate and completly overlooked the fact that you could do an export to 2D and then to .PNG etc..

Hopefully with luck I may even file the provisional patent tonight! We will see. After a day of work its hard to come home and bang on the patent for a few more hours….

I also got a copy of Patent it Yourself. I have really enjoyed this book. Very well written! and I am just devouring it.