Call stored procedure Oracle ODBC



Oracle in OraClient 12Home2, #Qlikview, and case of field names capitalization

This was an annoying one for a bit.

Say you have this Qlikview script




Select ORDER_NUMBER as Sales_Order from…. ;

Well, it won’t work because the Oracle ODBC driver uppers all the returned field names, or Oracle does? Who knows?

Anyways, to make it work



Dynamic Variable #Qlikview

set vNewVariable = $(vTestName);

let ‘$(vNewVariable)’ = ‘Something’;

RDP session for keepass

This is very nice way to add RDP sessions to keepass

Amazing whitepaper on QVD structure

Fix #Qlikview 12.2 DirectConnect stopped working, Database connection failed

Upgraded to 12.2 and through web clients I was getting a Database connection failed. Checked the error log and it was complaining about not being able to find

fileNotFound C:\Program Files\QlikView\Server\QvConnect64.EXE) occurred during open of C:\Program Files\QlikView\Server\QvConnect64.EXE

Well, I think the installer possibly didn’t place it correctly? Anyways, to fix it just copy

C:\Program Files\QlikView\QvConnect64.EXE into the Server folder C:\Program Files\QlikView\Server\ and then the magic works again

Weird one for you, left handed mouse through RDP, how to fix

Install the microsoft  Intellipoint driver and it will auto switch it for you when you connect to the terminal server.