Getting serious about the WickBrick

So I have finally started up my work again on my most amazing of inventions the ‘WickBrick’ (Patent Pending, I can say that cause I filed a provisional patent doncha know) anyways….

I took my prototype and some sketches over to a local CNC shop and am waiting back on an estimate for a small aluminum test candle mold. I am curious to see how much this sort of thing costs, never having had anything machined before. It was fascinating to tour the place and see all of the different machines. Because of the drill bits that will be used some of the edges will have a slight curve which should give the WickBrick’s more of an ‘organic’ look. I am super excited to get the mold and start cranking out some more candles. I have also had a few more ideas that I am excited to try. Then I have to of course start marketing and selling the suckers… I think some family and friends will be getting WickBricks for Christmas to beta test this year!


Patent Pending,

So after working continuously on ‘reducing to practice’ of my latest invention for at least over the past six months (have to check my ‘inventors notebook’, something I read a lot about since in the US we are a first to patent country as opposed to a first to file) I finally decided to file a PPA or provisional patent application. With the baby coming any time soon I don’t know how much time I will have to work on it so I wanted to use the PPA to help solidify the creation date. The whole idea came about when I was messing around with Justin Bergevin and we were working on creating flat candles. We started bouncing ideas off of each other and the idea for the Connectable Modular Candle was born. This allows you to create candles of all sorts of cool 3D shapes with out having to melt down your candle and start over. Basically snap together modules, made of wax, with pathways that allow wicks to pass through them. I’ll post some pictures of a ‘WickBrick’ that’s what I’m calling them. And some of the PPA just for fun. Figuring out everything was a chore at times but definitely good for my brain.

Oh, and would you buy a WickBrick?