Installing OpenFiler, or in otherwords how I lost two hours of my life to a Floppy Drive

So I love OpenFiler! it is really the coolest thing since sliced bread! Luckily though for me the first time I installed it, it worked like a charm. My second time I was not so lucky 😦

So Installed OpenFiler, the install was easy and then getting it to talk to ESX was a little challenging but completely doable. I took my hardware and transfrered it over to a bigger case and then I couldn’t get it to work again!

Absolutely nothing had changed so I was really starting to pull my hair out! Luckily I had the reassurance that I had got it working before or else I think I would have given up.

The problem would happen when I would Click on Volumes. The web page would never refresh and would just hang there.

On the OpenFiler box I would get these two errors.

end_request: I/O error, dev fd0, sector 0

Buffer I/O error, dev fd0, sector 0

So, I am a linux newbie. So I’m wondering to myself what is going on. Maybe the harddrive is going out? Maybe the ram? Maybe a reinstall will fix it? So I try swapping components, resinstalling… all to no avail. I Google my error message, still no clues. I start to get a hint that fd0 is the floppy disk… hmm now we are on to something. Of course if I knew linux I would have known that already.

But what is the solution? Of course you just go into the bios and disable the legacy floppy. Apparently OpenFiler was trying to list through all storage devices and getting stuck on the non-existant floppy device…. grrrr

That was frustrating! But now it works, gah!

It looks like I could have also blacklisted it somehow like in these instructions

But it would be nice if not having a floppy attached didn’t crash OpenFiler!