QlikView InLine Data

So if you ever need to embed some data, like if you wanted to define a week to quarter relationship, the Inline Data Wizard is the way to go. Click the Inline Wizard button and then type in your data.

This will make you something that looks like this

Month, Quarter
1, Q1
2, Q1
3, Q1
4, Q1
5, Q2
6, Q2
7, Q3
8, Q3
9, Q3
10, Q4
11, Q4
12, Q4

Note! Empty cells in Load inline statements represent an ’empty string’ rather than null.


So it seems when ever I want to learn something new

I find that blogging about the learning process is very helpful for me, and hopefully for anyone who is following behind. So I have started a new, from the very beginning blog on learning QlikView. QlikView is amazing, and is very simple to learn yet so very complex.

Here is the link

Tales from a QlikView Idiot

Qlikview Enterprise, DateTime subtraction

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I am really loving the Qlikview forums, they are starting to fill up with more and more useful data! I was quickly trying to figure out how to do date subtraction, figuring there was some sort of duration function. A fairly quick search of brought me this solution by tmy[action]=list_post&tx_mmforum_pi1[tid]=2044&tx_mmforum_pi1[page]=1&tx_mmforum_pi1[fid]=9&tx_mmforum_pi1[pid]=page&tx_mmforum_pi1[sword]=subtract%20date#pid6822

So I used =interval(now() – myTimeStamp,’hh:mm:ss’)

And now you know!