WickBrick, reduce to practice

I still continue to try until I can finally reach the perfect ‘WickBrick’. One method produced bricks that snapped together very well, and another has almost the correct base plus the wick cavities. A combination of the two should get me get there! It has been a long journey… but I think its getting close.


Moldmax 30

After some reading I decided to try out some moldmax 30, if nothing else I have never made a silicon mold before so it should be fun!

WickBrick, back to the drawing board

So, first off working with http://redeyeondemand.com/ was awesome. They delivered exactly what I ordered, and on time. Here is one half of the mold


pretty cool huh. Well, it was an experimental mold, and unfortunately I can’t get the wax to release from this mold 😦 bummer. My other experiments used a silicon mold, and it released much easier. So back to the drawing board. Now I’m researching the numerous (way too numerous) types of Silicon mold making materials. Gah, I thought I was getting closer. R&D takes way too much time….

On second thought, I changed the plastic of the mold

I decided I really didn’t want to melt the mold, it sounds like the VeroBlue would melt if you left it on the dash of your car in the sun. And considering I was going to be pouring hot wax into it… that sounded stupid 🙂 I emailed RedEye and they called me back almost instantaneously! Wow, points for great customer service. Overall the quote for the new material (ABS-M30) came extremely close to the quote for the VeroBlue PolyJet, so I also opted for their Ready Part finish which only added $21.00

This explains what readypart does http://www.redeyeondemand.com/ReadyPart.aspx

I’m really excited! This material goes up to 204° F so my wax melting point of 148 is below. Cross your fingers that my awesome CAD skills were up to the task 🙂

I ordered the Mold from RedEye

It ended up costing me another 20$ for 4 extensions of 3mm, so that the top plate would interlock with the bottom. That didn’t make me happy, but I am super excited to receive the mold!

For another price quote, got one for same parts from interpro htts://www.interproonline.com

$474.43 nope not even close interpro.

Getting serious about the WickBrick

So I have finally started up my work again on my most amazing of inventions the ‘WickBrick’ (Patent Pending, I can say that cause I filed a provisional patent doncha know) anyways….

I took my prototype and some sketches over to a local CNC shop http://www.edjprecision.com/ and am waiting back on an estimate for a small aluminum test candle mold. I am curious to see how much this sort of thing costs, never having had anything machined before. It was fascinating to tour the place and see all of the different machines. Because of the drill bits that will be used some of the edges will have a slight curve which should give the WickBrick’s more of an ‘organic’ look. I am super excited to get the mold and start cranking out some more candles. I have also had a few more ideas that I am excited to try. Then I have to of course start marketing and selling the suckers… I think some family and friends will be getting WickBricks for Christmas to beta test this year!

My Kronos Video Took 3rd Place


So I put my killer directing and videographing skills to the test and produced Kronsters, Inc I guess I could consider this a step in the right direction for eventually producing a film (one of my life goals). I had fun making it with my brother who I am sure is eagerly looking forward to his split of the booty, $500 bucks 🙂 I will also be passing some of the take on to Justin Bergevin a most excellent composer for allowing me to use some of his music in the film! Thanks Justin! As for my cut, I will be applying it to my next venture…. WickBricks. Stay tuned….