One of those dumb default settings in Internet Explorer

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Have you ever had Internet Explorer open and then click on a link from an email message and have it take over the window… isn’t that annoying. Well, there is a simple checkbox that disables that if you open up Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, and uncheck the Reuse windows for launching shortcuts. But what if you want to push that out to your entire Active Directory?

This post from dmarelia at

Has an .adm that you can create to push out this setting

I created a custom ADM to do this. Just copy and paste the following text into an .adm file and load it into your GPO:

Class USER

POLICY !!IEAdvanced
EXPLAIN !!IEAdvanced_Help
KEYNAME “Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main”
VALUENAME “AllowWindowReuse”
IE=”Internet Explorer”
IEAdvanced=”Re-use Windows for Launching Shortcuts”
IEAdvanced_Help=”Enabling this policy means that new sites visited in IE will open in existing windows rather than launching new ones. Disabling this policy prevents window re-use”

For more help on how to import an .adm and to be able to view it (hint click to un-mark the “Only show policy settings that can be fully managed” option. Then click Ok.) go to this helpful site


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