This blog got over 2,000 hits last month

Not too bad for just a hobby/personal blog. Obviously, the more you blog, the higher the chance that someone will search for something on your blog 🙂 Its interesting to see how fast Google grabs a hold of a post and puts it at the top of the search results. Sometimes this happens within minutes. I can definitely tell that those posts are filling a need. I like to fill a need.

Quick SpiceWorks Review

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I messed around with SpiceWorks maybe a year ago and then ran into a post recommending it so thought I would give it another go.

Installation, went smooth and fast.

Next, Making me register…. hmm makes me feel a little slimy but OK I guess

Needs to run as admin, Ok

Adding ranges to scan is easy!!

The network scan is progressing well, and fast. It globs on to AD Computer groups, I will see if I like that.

Hmm it goes out and retrieves workstation statuses which is cool. The glide mode of displaying servers is very very snazzy (if you need eye candy to impress your boss of course!)

So far SpiceWorks 3.0 is behaving much better than I remember!!

I see a few errors of Unknown error for user ”: WIN32OLERuntimeError: ConnectServer OLE erro:
Alert Message. Probabably because it is a really old nt4.0 server???

I will just clear the error for now. As far as inventory browsing I would just like a plain and simple list view, the icons are taking up too much space!

One thing I am unclear at the moment is how to scan a larger range say for example 10.3.x.x

The only examples they have are for scanning 10.3.1.x, on a whim I tried using our AD which appeared to grab a few more workstations…. oh well.

hmmm after messing with it for too long I was unable to make it work. Anybody know how to do this?

Looks like it can’t identify AS400’s, software inventory is very nice, the DNS check and storage check are very nice.

I’m still annoyed at the range adding issue…..

I will continue messing and maybe write another post.