I recently ran an informal training on Outlook, here are some of my tips and tricks

Since I wanted to put on a good training I tried to find some good tips.

What started the whole thing off was when I pushed out the DumpsterAlwaysOn setting to allow our users to recover even their hard deleted emails.

This is done by creating an .ADM, opening up group policy editor, adding an admin template, IN ORDER TO SEE IT YOU MUST GO TO VIEW, FILTERING, and uncheck the Only show policy settings that can be fully managed!

Here is the .ADM

CATEGORY “[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Exchange\Client\Options]”
KEYNAME “SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Exchange\Client\Options”
POLICY “DumpsterAlwaysOn”
PART “DumpsterAlwaysOn” NUMERIC
VALUENAME “DumpsterAlwaysOn”

Then they can recover it by going to Recover Deleted Items (of course based on their exchange policy)

The next useful thing I covered was deleting invalid e-mail addresses from the Autocomplete List.

I showed them how you should not trust an email as a ‘real’ document because of how easy it is to edit them….

The next was adding the back button to Outlook

And then I explored using Xobni a very useful outlook addon.


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  1. I love the tip about deleting autocomplete listings. I’ll use that a lot. I also found some good tips in the Microsoft Office system Expert Tips webcasts at

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