On second thought, I changed the plastic of the mold

I decided I really didn’t want to melt the mold, it sounds like the VeroBlue would melt if you left it on the dash of your car in the sun. And considering I was going to be pouring hot wax into it… that sounded stupid 🙂 I emailed RedEye and they called me back almost instantaneously! Wow, points for great customer service. Overall the quote for the new material (ABS-M30) came extremely close to the quote for the VeroBlue PolyJet, so I also opted for their Ready Part finish which only added $21.00

This explains what readypart does

I’m really excited! This material goes up to 204° F so my wax melting point of 148 is below. Cross your fingers that my awesome CAD skills were up to the task 🙂


Wooing the Mermaid

TO: All you aspiring film directors/Tuna fish lovers. I just snagged a free ipod for my submission to this contest I’m pretty sure there are a couple more ipods left, so get out your creative juices and submit a video!