Moldmax 30

After some reading I decided to try out some moldmax 30, if nothing else I have never made a silicon mold before so it should be fun!


WickBrick, back to the drawing board

So, first off working with was awesome. They delivered exactly what I ordered, and on time. Here is one half of the mold


pretty cool huh. Well, it was an experimental mold, and unfortunately I can’t get the wax to release from this mold 😦 bummer. My other experiments used a silicon mold, and it released much easier. So back to the drawing board. Now I’m researching the numerous (way too numerous) types of Silicon mold making materials. Gah, I thought I was getting closer. R&D takes way too much time….

Office97.cmd Download for running Office97 on Terminal Server 2003

So I looked long and hard and far and wide for a place to download the Application Compatibility Scripts that would allow Access97 to work on Terminal Server 2003 (don’t ask) anyways I never did find it on the web. I did however find it on one of our legacy NT 4.0 TS servers (don’t ask) and have uploaded and linked it here for your downloading pleasure. Hope it is of use to someone out there in a bind.

A couple of Pictures of our baby Amelia :)

On second thought, I changed the plastic of the mold

I decided I really didn’t want to melt the mold, it sounds like the VeroBlue would melt if you left it on the dash of your car in the sun. And considering I was going to be pouring hot wax into it… that sounded stupid 🙂 I emailed RedEye and they called me back almost instantaneously! Wow, points for great customer service. Overall the quote for the new material (ABS-M30) came extremely close to the quote for the VeroBlue PolyJet, so I also opted for their Ready Part finish which only added $21.00

This explains what readypart does

I’m really excited! This material goes up to 204° F so my wax melting point of 148 is below. Cross your fingers that my awesome CAD skills were up to the task 🙂

Wooing the Mermaid

TO: All you aspiring film directors/Tuna fish lovers. I just snagged a free ipod for my submission to this contest I’m pretty sure there are a couple more ipods left, so get out your creative juices and submit a video!

In case anyone is wondering what we ate for breakfast :)

A ham and cheese omelet and a pear filled George foreman thingy 🙂 I have found for omelets that I like to do them over super low heat and I add the cheddar right at the beginning so it sinks to the bottom and becomes some of the outside crust. Also, adding cream cheese to omelets makes them really good. The recipe for the pear filled George foreman thingy goes like this: butter your bread, put one slice on George foreman, add your filling (any pie filling works great) in my case I mashed up some pears, add top slice of buttered bread, grill. Then add powdered sugar. The result…. yum 🙂