Network Cookbook for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Lowering costs by making technology easier to maintain.

Chapter 1 WPKG

One of the fundamental aspects of network maintenance is deploying software. It is very possible to hand install software on every single computer… of course an automated way is always preferred. That is what leads us to WPKG. WPKG is a very simple, easy to use automated software deployment, upgrade, and removal program for Windows.

Chapter 2 The Perfect Windows XP Corporate Install

Optimizing a workstation before cloning and deployment can be a chore. Here is what I do.

Chapter 3 The Internet Lock Down

One of the first things you will be asked to do is restrict the Internet for certain users, here are some of your options.


One comment

  1. Awesome – just what I’ve always wanted – a pragmatic book for small business admins.

    We use Linux servers and XP desktops so your style is perfect.

    Please mark me down for a copy when you finish the book 😉


    Staffordshire, England
    01538 303 900

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