Setting up a VPN for an iphone using server 2003 PPTP and then connecting to Qlikview Server

So needed to setup some sort of a VPN for our iphones to be able to get to our qlikview server.

Basically you just need to turn on routing services for the server 2003, setup your access rules (create a group something like VPN access) allow dial in and add then to the vpn group in there NT profile. This post lays it out well

The fun part (if you don’t have your server on the outside/DMZ) is getting your isp to set up port forwarding. I told them this

We are setting up a PPTP VPN (point to point tunneling protocol)

We need port 1723 forwarded to our server at ______ fill in your server address.

We also need to enable the GRE IP protocol (This is protocol 47)

And that seemed to do the trick. On the iphone navigate to the VPN area, choose PPTP, use your NT username and password, and put in the public IP of your server.

Then for qlikview you just install the qlikview app, and then add your server (for some reason DNS doesn’t seem to resolve so I used the ip address, maybe figure this out in the future)

Having a VPN on your phone is very nifty since you can install remote control software as well! Mocha soft seems to be doing very well in this market and I can recommend their telnet lite, vnc lite, and the best remote desktop lite

This has me jazzed since I really got used to this functionality on my cingular 8525.



  1. I have a problem when set up my own vpn through server 2003, it’s all ok when using in windows,ubuntu and even android. but when come to the ios device, it will lose connection about 4 minutes.. I need your help.

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