My feeback so far for Dell Equallogic

I have two suggestions so far,

The first is for adding Access to volumes

On the Access tab when I have to add all three ESX iqn’s onto each volumes this start to get tedious. Once suggestion to help it would be a drop down of recently used IQN’s or maybe even better the creation of an IQN group containing the three IQN’s so then I could just add the group.

The next thing is dealing with a failed drive (one went down this morning) it phones home and gets the replacement process started but they won’t send the drive until I send the Diagnostic data (which I think is a little lame) I would suggest that if they won’t send the drive until they receive the Diag data why don’t they just go ahead and send the Diag data automatically?



  1. Hi Michael,

    Thank you very much for the feedback and for choosing Dell’s EqualLogic platform. I’m in the storage product group and will ask the relevant teams about your ‘recent IQN list’ and the automatic dispatch of diag ideas. They sound worth considering, certainly.

    Sincere regards,
    Dylan @ Dell

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