Playing with BOTS open source EDI

Well first downloaded bots, then downloaded python 2.6.4

So got the webserver up and running… next I want to see if I can get a plugin working. Hmm I don’t know how to install a plugin yet.

Ok, this lays it out.

So downloaded

To load a plugin just go system, read a plugin, browse to the file. (I left it as a zip, and then click load plugin (its a little hard to see))

Yay, that did the trick now I have a route!

I looks like my first plugin is  made for version 1_5_4 but I will try with 1.6 to see if it works 🙂 (OK from the docs looks like plugins are backward compatible) First thing I need to do is activate my route. So went maintenance, routes, checked the new route and then clicked active.

Ok, so I went Run, Run only New. And then it looked like it ran. Hmm where on earth did the outgoing file get placed though? Looking on the Channel screen I can see that the path is botssys/outfile/my_first_plugin so with a little poking it looks like my outfile is in C:\Python26\Lib\site-packages\bots\botssys\outfile\my_first_plugin

OK, the main thing I am interested in is 997 matchup. That and probably a pass through module. Here is what I am thinking so far. Query the DB, create the EDI, pass the EDI to BOTS folder (a read in channel) spin it to an OUTPUT channel that AS2 will then grab. Then when the 997 comes back grab it from the AS2 and spin it back into BOTS for a matchup.


  1. I am having issues with the install on an x64 machine, it is saying it cannot find the Python install in the registry any ideas?

  2. Hi there! Which open source edi software would you recommend me to use these days? It seems like the all bots wiki documentation has been removed from google code website.


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