PowerTrack EDI and Adage ERP

So started the process of setting PowerTrack for our Freight Invoice Consolidation. Since I am always annoyed when I can’t find any data on subject on the Internet here is a quick overview of how PowerTrack works as well as their 858 doc specifications.

Well not sure if you can read that or not but basically you send an 858 to powertrack, and your shipper sends an invoice to powertrack. PowerTrack then matches your expected freight to what they invoiced and if they match then the pay on your behalf. Every month they then bill you a consolidated invoice. The shipper pays for this service with a 1% off of their bill.

Ahh, and here is the infamous 858 EDI doc specifications. http://sites.google.com/site/mellerbeck/Home/8584010PowerTrackProductStandard1-7-0.pdf?attredirects=0&d=1

So here is my desired workflow

Automate Order creation, I do this with an inbound 850 through TEE

Auto Ship the order, I do this through an Expect TCL script. (Setup the Customer to create an outbound advanced shipping order, through external interface)

Parse the outbound .EIF files and look for a match of the freight types that we are desiring, otherwise delete the .EIF.

— Check that the .EIF contains all of the needed lines (in case it is shipped by different plants) If not, put it on hold until the other line comes along and then combine them.

Convert the .EIF to XML using transform.jar

Convert the XML to x12 EDI either using bots transform engine or mapforce

Use mendelson AS2 to send the file.

Receive 997 through AS2 into BOTS. Match the Adage database (select on all sales orders that match the freight types) to the BOTS database and confirmed status.


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