My Spat with GERD

So awhile back I started having pain around my xiphoid process. This was kindof strange to me because typical GERD suffers are possibly overwieght (I’m scrawny), drink alchohol or coffee (I’m LDS) or pregnant (I’m not, I’m very sure), or older. So it was sortof strange although I think there is probably a family pre-disposition to this.

One thing I did do is drink a lot of Hot chocolate. And by a lot I mean like a cup a day for many years…. So of course I followed all the suggestions. Raised my bed a few inches, stopped drinking Hot chochalte, mint, and all of the other no no’s also went to the Doc and then started up on over the counter GERD meds. (priolosec)

Well I progressed to stronger meds, prevacid I think 30 mg twice a day pretty strong regimen. And I thought I was going to be on this stuff for life.

I made those changes (raising bed, don’t eat late etc… ) but I also started drinking gatorade fairly early in the morning. This was because I can’t stand drinking plain water early in the morning, I need some sort of flavor. (typically I didn’t eat or drink until 10:30 or maybe noon) I think this early morning ‘flush’ also has helped with lessinging the GERD

Well, one weekend I was low on the drugs so I started just taking one a day. Then maybe a month later I ran out and decided to try not taking them anymore. For a couple of days I still felt discomfort (I can feel when it starts to act up) but then I was able to be off the drugs! (I don’t know if your body gets somewhat ‘addicted’ to them but I sort of suspect it a little)

I don’t know if the inflammation was finally able to settle over time but I am glad to be off them! This has been about a year now. So there you have it. More info about my GERD than you ever cared to know!


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  1. Wow, a blog post that I could actually understand! 😉

    I didn’t know you were free from your GERD drugs, that’s awesome! I have been free from mine too. After I had Devin mine has been healed. (It was a problem before I was pregnant).

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