Letter to Veeam

Hi Mr.Timashev

I really like your Veeam product, but let me, let you, help me, by telling you what I need.


People who implement backup and disaster recovery solutions are most likely very detail oriented people. (Would you want it any other way?)

I am trying to find out more in depth information about how to use Veeam to backup exchange.

The forums are great… but there are a bunch of posts with conflicting advice. How do I know what to trust? How can I go to our CIO and say well I read that I should do it this way on the forum… that won’t work.

This post is a good example

Should I be worried about my exchange logs if they are purged and then a Veeam backup were to fail? This sounds bad to me

Next concern, how should I be backing up my SQL databases? Once again logs are the issue

I did run across a whitepaper entitled ‘VMware and Microsoft VSS: How to correctly backup and recover Microsoft SQL, Exchange, Active Directory and SharePoint in VMware environment”

The only problem is that all it talks about is setting up a test lab to verify an Active Directory store has been backed up successfully (while this is great info I am still missing the section on exchange, SQL, and sharepoint)

Ok, so now lets talk DR.

This post brings up a ton of questions.

For example where do I want my veeam server in the case of a DR situation? Do I need to replicate the veeam SQL data? And when can I get the whitepaper on how to make this work?

Just my 2 cents.


EqualLogic switch choices

Note to self, I’m always trying to use Null in I should be using Is Nothing

You live, you learn

The null keyword is a literal that represents a null reference with the C# .NET environment. You may use the null keyword to check or assign the value of an object. For example, the following C# code determines if a string value is null: string sTest = “Test”;
if (sTest == null) {
Console.WriteLine(“sTest is Null”)

This code works without any problems with C#, but there’s no VB.NET equivalent of the null keyword. Instead, VB.NET uses the Nothing keyword. The following code demonstrates its use:

Dim sTest As String
If (sTest Is Nothing) Then
Console.WriteLine(“sTest is Null”)
End If

ToDo: I should make some paneer

configure riverbed using serial port

I can’t believe this isn’t out there, anyways

4. Connecting to the Steelhead Appliance
Plug the serial cable into the Console port and a terminal.
Make sure the Console port settings are: 9600, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, no flow control.
Start your terminal emulation program (for example, HyperTerminal or Tera Term Pro).
At the login prompt, type admin. The default password is password.
The configuration wizard automatically starts when you log into the Steelhead command-line interface
for the first time.
Follow the prompts to configure network and in-path interface settings for the Steelhead appliance.
Confirm your settings; then type exit to log out of the system.

How to restart the configuration wizard

Running the Configuration Wizard
You can restart the configuration wizard so that you can change your initial configuration parameters.
To restart the configuration wizard

Enter the following set of commands at the system prompt:
Using the Command-Line Interface Saving Configuration Changes
configure terminal
configuration jump-start

What do you get when you cross a Whale and an Eagle, a Wheagle of course

Check it out here,

And give it a vote!

Aren’t you glad whales can’t fly….

My fun with NMI ESX ibm xseries 346

So I went to install a quick test ESX server on an IBM xseries 346. Of course right during the install it reboots… ok what just happened. The second time I catch it an unexpected NMI 4000: something

Well a quick google search brings me here

Easy enough right update the BIOS. Well followed the link the KB to here

Of course trying to boot off of that CD cause an NMI error!!! gah

So an hour later I last ditch effort try the floppy method…. can you imagine I actually found one. Anyways, after the floppy BIOS update ESX will now install grrrr… why does it have to be so hard sometimes.