configure riverbed using serial port

I can’t believe this isn’t out there, anyways

4. Connecting to the Steelhead Appliance
Plug the serial cable into the Console port and a terminal.
Make sure the Console port settings are: 9600, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, no flow control.
Start your terminal emulation program (for example, HyperTerminal or Tera Term Pro).
At the login prompt, type admin. The default password is password.
The configuration wizard automatically starts when you log into the Steelhead command-line interface
for the first time.
Follow the prompts to configure network and in-path interface settings for the Steelhead appliance.
Confirm your settings; then type exit to log out of the system.

How to restart the configuration wizard

Running the Configuration Wizard
You can restart the configuration wizard so that you can change your initial configuration parameters.
To restart the configuration wizard

Enter the following set of commands at the system prompt:
Using the Command-Line Interface Saving Configuration Changes
configure terminal
configuration jump-start



  1. Hi I just picked up 2 new (unused) Riverbed 1050’s (no memory & no drives). I get nothing from the console port. I want to re-use as a FREENAS box, has the nice 4 hotswap SATA drive trays.
    Assuming memory should be ECC FB.
    ANy ideas for taking over the OS to install my own?
    The custom 2GB (Riverbed) flash card is installed, maybe it is empty?
    These were cold spares and never used.

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