EqualLogic, you know what would be cool, Change Block Tracking aware EqualLogic volume

I have no idea if this is possible or if it even makes sense. But a Change Block Tracking aware EqualLogic volume would be cool. Basically ask VMware what it has changed inside the VM and use this for replication to another EqualLogic for replication.

Wow, is that a pipe dream?

What is changed block tracking?


One comment

  1. I just found out Veeam 4.1.2 supports Change Block Tracking, it utlitize this and makes its Backup and Replication lightening fast.

    I asked EQL and they said they don’t have it, it make sense? probably, but as EQL works on BLOCK level, then why EQL doesn’t have Change Block Tracking as we are talking about Block Tracking, this thing just confused me more.


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