The coolest tool you have never heard of extpart.exe

This allows you to extend boot partitions on the fly!


Couldn’t get vmware tools to install, worked by changing the drive letter of the cdrom

It was having a hard time starting for what ever reason (a converted XP box) on a hunch I changed the drive letter for the cdrom and it took right off!

I’m a fan of the NullableDataReader

Where have you been all my life!

Dangers of Virtualization Part Four

Having virtual machines makes it easier for someone to whip up a test machine and then inadvertently that test machine becomes production…. hmm I was one click away from deleting the ‘old’ test server.

tips of the trade

Any time you install some random device, pull out your sharpie and write the username and password on it. (Or on a sticky note and tape it to it)

Trust me, you will thank me later.

Really fascinating design concepts!

How to save a Bitonal .tiff using CompressionCCITT4

This was a pain…. There are a couple of articles that got me really close, but this one was the finisher!–use-byte-array-instead-of-writing-to-locked-image-bytes.aspx

The trick was when I was converting the C# to from this article

It mentions that you need to cast the bytes to ints

This is the salient line

pixelTotal = CInt(sourceBuffer(sourceIndex + 1)) + CInt(sourceBuffer(sourceIndex + 2)) + CInt(sourceBuffer(sourceIndex + 3))
Here is more info
Also, note that if you want to retain the resolution you need to
In the ConvertToBitonal routine add the line marked below:

// Create destination bitmap
Bitmap destination = new Bitmap(source.Width, source.Height, PixelFormat.Format1bppIndexed);

-----> destination.SetResolution(source.HorizontalResolution, source.VerticalResolution);