How to save a Bitonal .tiff using CompressionCCITT4

This was a pain…. There are a couple of articles that got me really close, but this one was the finisher!–use-byte-array-instead-of-writing-to-locked-image-bytes.aspx

The trick was when I was converting the C# to from this article

It mentions that you need to cast the bytes to ints

This is the salient line

pixelTotal = CInt(sourceBuffer(sourceIndex + 1)) + CInt(sourceBuffer(sourceIndex + 2)) + CInt(sourceBuffer(sourceIndex + 3))
Here is more info
Also, note that if you want to retain the resolution you need to
In the ConvertToBitonal routine add the line marked below:

// Create destination bitmap
Bitmap destination = new Bitmap(source.Width, source.Height, PixelFormat.Format1bppIndexed);

-----> destination.SetResolution(source.HorizontalResolution, source.VerticalResolution);

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