Hmm this is a very interesting feature, EqualLogic and Powerconnect 62XX


Auto Detect and Configure Ports for iSCSI TrafficThe iSCSI component, when enabled via the iSCSI enable command, registers with the LLDP componentto receive notification of the appearance and withdrawal of Dell Equal Logic (EQL) arrays, specifying theEQL System Description in the registration. This feature only works when the EQL arrays have softwareversion 5.0.2 or later installed and running.Upon iSCSI being enabled, the following actions occur:• A detailed warning message is issued indicating the automatic changes that will occur (globallyenabling jumbo frames, mtu set to 9216, as well as the spanning-tree portfast settings that willoccur when EQL array is detected).• Flow control is globally enabled if not already enabled.• MTU 9216 is enabled on all ports and port-channels.Upon receipt of an EQL appearance notification, the iSCSI component will configure the ports as follows:• spanning-tree portfast is enabled on the interface identified by LLDP• unicast storm control is disabled on the interface identified by LLDP


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