Dear #Qlikview, portal improvements

Dear Qlikview I am trying to love your AccessPoint portal. It has everything I need, categories, thumbnails, favorites…

The only thing it lacks? I can’t really use it like a real portal. What do I mean, well take for example my iGoogle page. I open that sucker up and stay in it for say months at a time.

If I open up the Qlikview Access point, it only keeps me signed in for around a half an hour. Are you trying to send me a message. Do you not want me to live and breathe the qlikview Access point (Because I want to, you just won’t let me)

I asked support about this, the response:

Apologies, but it turns out you can only adjust how long a QVW will remain open. Leaving the AccessPoint open to click on another QVW will not work because it requires a session cookie that times out and the timeout value is hard coded in for security. So all of those settings only apply to open QVWs.

Needless to say, I haven’t been able to get my users to adopt the portal because of this! Instead I am running on a old version of meta-dot portal software that doesn’t time out!

Donald(Dot)Farmer, Qlikview evangelist extraordinaire, any love for making this more user friendly. I understand that security is important, but not at the sacrifice of usability?

Or at least let me decide how secure I need to be….


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