The Performance Overview tab fails to display with the error: Navigation to the webpage was cancelled

So went round and round with this one, and finally found the answer on expertsexchange (no thanks to a couple of vmware KB articles)

The answer is a crypic change of server.xml


For 64 bit machines there is a Windows update and for Windows XP 32 bit there is a bit of a hack to perform. 


(Windows XP 64 bit and Windows 2003 -

I would recommend that you back up the server.xml file that is edited for this

Windows XP 32 bit hack - I would recommend to stop the VC service first

1) on the vCenter Server machine go to %PROGRAM_FILES%\VMware\Infrastructure\tomcat\conf
2) open the "server.xml" file
3) Look for the following XML element:
<Connector port="8443"...></Connector>
4) Modify the 'ciphers' attribute to the following value:


5) Restart the vCenter server service




  1. I don’t usually comment on blogs, but this was incredibly helpful! For anyone else using the Linux appliance and a 32-bit XP client, the server.xml file is located under /usr/lib/vmware-vpx/tomcat/conf/. If I might ask, where did you find the list of ciphers?

  2. Thanks alot, I’ve searched the hole week, nothing other helps (e.g. fqdn, port stuff etc.)
    Changed the ciphers and works like a charm 🙂

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