#Juniper so you just bought a juniper episode 1

So, we have been going through all sorts of Juniper stuff these days. We went to a juniper boot camp or two. The first was on switching where we used a remote lab to practice (remote labs suck) and the second was on wireless AP where they had gear and it was a much nicer experience.

So I have a EX2200-C and I was trying to configure it, sweet look there is a mini usb port on the front labeled CON (for console hopefully) I russle up a mini usb plug it in install the drivers fire up putty and…..


So hit the google, of course the mini-usb isn’t enabled (I guess you only get one, serial or mini-usb) to enable:

  1. Connect the host machine to the switch using the management console port
  2. Configure the port type:
    user@switch# set system ports auxiliary port-type type

    For example, to activate the Mini USB Type-B console port:

    user@switch# set system ports auxiliary port-type mini-usb
  1. Commit the configuration and Exit.
  2. Reboot the switch. The control and the boot log will appear on the activated console.

hmmmm It would sure be nice if there was a way this could be activated right out of the box….


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