Dear #mimecast you are so near perfection….

There are only a few things that are annoying….

First off I don’t like how the portal opens things inside of tabs, I already have tabs in my browser I don’t need tabs inside of tabs can I turn this behavior off?

Second, you have bread crumb navigation that is not clickable i.e.

I should be able to click on ‘Directory Sync’ to go back (instead of a button that says Go Back)

Third it would be nice to have a Block all link at the bottom of digest emails (not a showstopper, just nice.

And fourth, using the Mimecast Plugin is a little slow, and almost impossible to select multiple messages to block (how am I supposed to know to click that little circle thingy?) and it doesn’t seem to update after blocking a message??)

Keep working! so near perfection!


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