Using a WAN emulator inside vmware ESXi

So I needed to stress test our WMS system, apparently there’s a hard to replicate bug when the network goes screwy so I wanted to see if I could cause it. At first I ran across dummycloud… but didn’t get very far with it. Next, I thought I would try wanem since I had used it before on a physical box. So I downloaded the wanem virtual appliance and then used vmware converter to bring it into vcenter (since it was throwing a A SparseVer2BackingInfo disk is found error)

Converter sort of got it working, but they way they packaged the vm is basically a simple vm that boots off an .iso so I set it to boot off the .iso.

So I went with the one nic configuration. I set it to, subnet and gateway (looks like you must set a gateway!,even if bogus)

Then I did my route adds (completely wrong over and over again) on PC1 you want to use a route add to set the route how to get to PC2 and vice versa i.e.

PC1 – route add PC2addy mask (your wanem addy)

PC2 – route add PC1addy mask (your wanem addy)

Then your tracert will actually work!

Another lame problem, the resolution of my VM was too small so the settings bar wouldn’t show i.e. Basic mode etc… when I upped the resolution, problem fixed!

A good post on this is here


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