However, our old VB 6.0 app continued to fail with the message “Run time error ‘339’ Component ‘MSCOMCTL.OCX’ or one of its dependencies is not correctly registered; a file is missing or invalid.” solved

Solution from here

Windows 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition.  Running regsvr32 mscomctl.ocx in C:\Windows\SysWOW64 resulted in success message “DllRegisterServer in mscomctl.ocx succeeded”.

However, our old VB 6.0 app continued to fail with the message “Run time error ‘339’ Component ‘MSCOMCTL.OCX’ or one of its dependencies is not correctly registered; a file is missing or invalid.”

The error was user-specific.  The user who performed the install was able to execute the application, but other users were not.  Ironically, running the application as administrator also failed.

Action:  Unregistered mscomctl.ocx in SysWOW64, made a copy in C:\Windows, and registered the copy using the version of regsvr32 in SysWOW64.  E.g., from a command line or batch file, running as administrator:

C:\Windows\SysWOW64\regsvr32 C:\Windows\mscomctl.ocx


I also had to copy MSCOMCT2.ocx to the windows folder and register it and now my terminal server is working fine.


TrustedLink for windows error, Failed to initialize the log file, solution

Turns out it creates a log every day in the c:\program files\inovis\trustedlink folder

When it reaches sr999.log

It stops, and then it no more receive any filez!

Delete all the logs, and you are good to go for the next 999 days…. or I suppose you could script a delete as well

Harvard Extension #CS50 Quiz 0

So taking the quiz was a very interesting experience. I was glad that I could take it online being ‘virtually’ proctored. I showed my photo ID and then aimed the camera around the room to prove no Aliens were being used to help improve my quiz score 🙂 The quiz was quite hard though, had a fair bit more programming than I expected. The hardest part though was the interface, trying to type code into a tiny scrolling window….. that was painful. Especially trying to indent code, and making sure you didn’t forget closing brackets…

Harvard Extension #CS50 First Quiz

I’m gearing up to take my first quiz from Harvard CS50. It should be interesting they are testing some software called remote proctor, that allows them to record video and audio while I take the quiz (instead of having to go to a place to be proctored). This is definitely a win win, I don’t mind this big brother approach since it is much more convenient. One thing that I found interesting so far is that it doesn’t like the iTunesHelper (that’s funny I don’t like that program either) interesting that it detects it as a possible fraudulent (or enabling me to cheat) type of software….

Onwards and upwards

Super simple yet very #useful tool

An icon in the tray so users can tell you their computer name/ ip addy

Harvard Extension #CS50

I’m still digging this online class. The teaching style is fabulous, and the format for exercises is laid out very well. All and all, very enjoyable.

#Qlikview QlikTech Open Data Challenge, Do you Realize

So Qlikview recently ran a ‘Take Action Open Data Challenge’, basically use Qlikview on public data to uncover unexpected insights to positively change the world.

The 1st Place winner was ‘Do you Realize’ created by Alexandre Perrot, and Software Advice wrote a post on how he goes about developing dashboards.

The first point is to Think about the data. This is a great reminder, thinking through a problem can often times save you a lot of time later.

The author recommends a snow flake schema, this is pretty typical Qlikview recommendation.

He then next thinks about what the user is going to click and interact with. He started out with an overview screen.

This qlikview is very much an example of information storytelling, something Donald Farmer would no doubt approve of.

do you realize

Clicking on Start tests your knowledge of what potentially will occur as far as population growth and environmental changes. It scores you as you move through it. Clicking on the leaf or the heart on the side takes you to the Environment or Health pages. Clicking on the word ‘environment’ or ‘health’ takes you no where, I would assume those button-like objects would take you there as well. Slightly annoying.

As you move through the quiz you are given the opportunity to learn more, which will take you to the salient detail screen… continuing your knowledge foraging. I did wish that I could click back to where I was in the quiz instead of having to restart each time though.

After the Overview screen he advises to create screens that help a user understand a given KPI.

He advises using color to convey change. I agree completely… but in this case I think too much color and too much chart junk is used.


I find the use of color a little overwhelming. I would remove the ‘blue haze’ behind the map. I do like the map it is very visually appealing. I’m not a big fan of the pie chart, neither do I like bubbly iphone’ish pie charts.

Overall I agree with the points laid out by the post. I would recommend a simpler approach, but that just my 2 cents.