#AlienVault #OSSIM any help for sonicwall setup?

I’m going to start off with doing the steps found here

I mean what can go wrong, right?

sonicwall syslog

The first vid here was instructional

Ok, now to configure AlienVault to receive the Logs,

nano w /etc/rsyslog.d/sonicwall.conf
if ($fromhost-ip == ‘IP_Address’) then /var/log/sonicwall.log

Hmm, got that setup and I can see stuff flowing into the SonicWall.log …. now to turn on the plugin.

Looks like I add the SonicWall as an Asset, (I chose NetworkDevice:Firewall)

Then enable the Dell / Sonicwall Scrutinizer plugin… hmmm but no joy yet though.

Plugin still says receiving data = no.

Finally got it working here ->


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