Installing ephesoft v4.0.2.0 in ubuntu 14.04.03, maybe

So, first off they hide the installer in plain site.

Yup, on this page

you can click on

Ok, grab yourself a copy of ubuntu server, I just took the defaults

run this

sudo apt-get install openssh-server

Now you can use winscp to transfer over the files.

Now I just basically followed this guide

Version 4.0 asks slightly different questions, but I just rolled with it.

after a wait… of an hour or two… Ephesoft installed successfully 🙂

Wow! It actually works!

So, been messing with it a bit. On second thought the Ubuntu desktop might be a better fix (I just like GUI’s and all)

So I used.

sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop

To try and get a desktop gui and resolve some conflicts. hmm well now the ephesoft no worky.Oh well, this time I’ll try a ubuntu desktop install from the beginning

…. second stab using ubuntu desktop, I have a desktop and ephesoft! score



  1. I try to install ephesoft on ubuntu 14 or/and 16 and is fail installation, can you be more particular? steps please? Thank you.

  2. Hello, Now is working. Just a problem linked to configuration file.
    Problem no more update on community version…

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