How to transfer state using the IE Qlikview Plugin, solved

I’ve been slacking a bit on my blogging 🙂

After some trial and error I was able to transfer state from one Qlikview to another using the IE plugin on the Qlikview server.

The first thing to figure out is the path to your Target Qlikview.

The easiest way to do this is to open up the qlikview on the portal and then press Control + Shift + Q (Or go to the menu of the Qlikview plugin and choose Document Support Info)

transfer state

Copy that address. I’m not sure why it uses the qvp protocol, but hey this works.

Ok, now on your starting Qlikview you need to have a field that matches exactly a field in your target Qlikview. Otherwise it won’t work

So create a button, choose ‘Open QlikView Document’ paste in the URL you got from before (You can remove the qvp://qlikviewservername/ if you want)open

Click Transfer State.

Now publish your starting Qlikview (the button won’t work from Qlikview desktop)

And press the button. If everything works correctly you should see selections passed from one Qlikview to the Next. (If no selections are possible on the target, nothing will happen)


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