Connecting to oracle cx_Oracle with AWS lambda solved

Trying to get AWS lambda to connect to oracle, is hard. Like knocking your own teeth out with a rock, Hey Wilson!

This is the long explanation…

But, he also provides a download

Copy here

If you don’t want to mess with the tnsnames.ora file just delete the network folder and use the Easy Connect syntax

Easy Connect Syntax for Connection Strings

An Easy Connect string is often the simplest connection string to use for the data source name parameter dsn of cx_Oracle.connect() and cx_Oracle.SessionPool(). This method does not need configuration files such as tnsnames.ora.

connection = cx_Oracle.connect(user="hr", password="userpwd",

But, please put the credentials into SSM or secrets manager. If your DB is in a VPC you need to configure the VPC for your lambda.

So, to use it as a layer. Create a folder named python and copy everything into it. Zip that folder up, and load it as a lambda layer.

One last step. As it is, the lambda won’t be able to find the libraries.

So from here

# When creating the Lambda function, ensure the following setting for LD_LIBRARY_PATH # LD_LIBRARY_PATH = /var/lang/lib:/lib64:/usr/lib64:/var/runtime:/var/runtime/lib:/var/task:/var/task/lib:/opt/lib:/opt/python

Ok, quick sample lambda

import cx_Oracle

def lambda_handler(event, context):

        connection = cx_Oracle.connect(user="auser",password="apassword",dsn="adsn",encoding="UTF-8")
        cursor = connection.cursor()
        cursor.execute("SELECT * from something")
        rows = cursor.fetchall()
        for row in rows:
    except Exception as e:
        message += " {Error in connection} " + str(e)
        if cursor:
        if connection:

    return {
        "statusCode": 200,
        "body": context.invoked_function_arn

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