There is a problem with your environment because the Application Express files are not up-to-date! The files for version 21.1.0 have been loaded, but 21.1.2 is expected. Please verify that you have copied the images directory to your application server as instructed in the Installation Guide.

How on earth am I supposed to know that

Starting with Apex 18.1.x.x.x we should be instead putting CDN location as static path for images. Local path will not be supported any further. Take a look at below announcement :

To fix of course point it to the CDN….

  1. Locate reset_image_prefix.sql . It should be under ‘apex/utilities’
  2. change directory :

cd apex/utilities

SQL> @reset_image_prefix.sql

For APEX product version 21.1.2, 21.1.3, 21.1.4 and 21.1.5, use The CDN contains the production APEX 21.1 static resources and the updat

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