Solved AWS Lambda generate put_object presigned URLs for S3 objects using python

There are many articles explaining how to do this, but most of the end in the dreaded

The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your key and signing method.

How to generate presigned URLs for S3 objects using python

This article just recommends that you give up and use generate_presigned_post instead of generate_presigned_url with put_object.

After reading many posts and stackoverflow articles

This works

The trick is specifying the signature version

from botocore.client import Config
import boto3
def gen_url(key):
    given the name of the file generates a signed download url for the file
    :param key: filename in s3
    :return: presigned URL that has AWS4-HMAC-SHA256
    expTime = 86400
    s3 = boto3.resource(
        "s3", region_name=REGION, config=Config(signature_version="s3v4")
    return s3.meta.client.generate_presigned_url(
        "put_object", Params={"Bucket": AIRFLOW_BUCKET, "Key": key}, ExpiresIn=expTime

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