Simple Langbox

This was the inspiration of Aaron’s at Genie. The previous database driven translation approach ended up with writing the value to a variable per text box. That became a lot of trigger steps and variables. So he suggested that we try a custom widget.

The table stores various words\phrases and translations.

Then the postgres function is passed a language id and returns the json of the translated values

[{“id”:3,”data”:”Número de serie”}, {“id”:4,”data”:”Encantada de conocerte”}, {“id”:5,”data”:”mi nombre es”}]

Then the custom widget is passed the json, and a specific value to parse out.

If the trigger runs the connector again with a different languageid, all the simple langboxes update with the respective lookup values. Button mode changes it to an arrow on hover to indicate you can click. Then you put click logic into the Event.

Here is the widget


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