BizLink install part 3

Now that we got some AS2 action going on I needed to figure out how to handle some incoming purchase orders. With a little bit of poking around I was able to get it to go.

The first thing I needed to configure was the ‘parties’

I wanted to emulate an invoice coming in so I took the external partner and set their identifiers to match a real partner but it was really pointing my other AS2 box. Then for the server owner I set it to one of our real id’s. These Identities are not AS2 identities but are ISA (EDI x12) identities. So for example the EDI might be like

ISA*00*          *00*          *ZZ*666791NF       *08*999485US00

you would set the server owner to ZZ 666….  and the external to 08 999…

on this screen



So now you have parties setup, but now we need to instruct BizLink what to do with the files when it gets them!

The simplest thing to do is under transports, set a file copy (upload) on your server owner, set the file path and the format of how you want the file named and you will be good to go.


That will work, but what if you want say all 810’s from a certain partner to go to a certain directory? In this case create another File Copy (Upload) rename it to say Export Walmart 810 and then set its export folder to a 810 walmart specific one. That’s all nice and dandy but what actually tells it to use that particular export? The processing rules of course!

processing rulesGo ahead and click add, to add a new processing rule. We want a Recipient rule (for when our server is the recipient)

First give it a name.


Then you get to set the conditions they can either be AND or they can be OR conditions. We want an AND so both conditions evaluate as true.


We set the Sender Qualifier + Id to match our sender ID (in the ISA) and the we set the Transaction_IdCode to = 810.

Ok, now we need to tell it an action to do when the conditions are met.

Set that underneath in the actions dialogue


The first action will send back a 997 if requested and the second is for the routing. If we looking into the routing rule it is simple enough, give it a name, and then select a transport.


There you have it, when the doc matches it will get exported to the correct folder. Next we will mess with some scripts, until next time.

User error message:The system is reporting the following error:Document’s contents was not correct: Interchange syntactically incorrect. Bizlink

So, previously I laid out how to define the metadata for capturing data so you can search on it.

I learned something new. If perchance you are trying to capture some data from say a W05.

I had definitions for W0501, W0502

Then a partner sent some data in W0503

I figured it would just ignore the data since I wasn’t trying to capture it… nope. You need to define all elements that you might potentially get data sent on. Otherwise you will get the error “Document’s contents was not correct: Interchange syntactically incorrect.”

And there you have it, define all the things.

Bizlink and requesting FA’s

So I sent over a document but it would always say ack not requested

So I sent a note to tech support what gives. Well apparently you can use the rules engine to do various things with your FA generation

One quick way is to put a processing rules on the Originator of yourself. Call it FA Timeout

If the Transaction_IDCode is Equal To 947, then you can have an action of

FA Timeout,

Inside the timeout you can set either, Expected, Not Expected (it defaults to this), or Expected with not time limit. If you choose expected it wants a time limit and will send warnings to the trading partner.

I choose Expected with no time limit for now. And now my screen says Expected for the FA

Bizlink, creating new doc types for tracking metadata

So for what ever reason bizlink is set up with some of the more common doc types say 850’s and 810’s etc… to grab the useful metadata and index so you can search on it…. but it neglects to do this for all types… seriously, it would not be hard for them to do this correctly. Anyways when you contact them about it, they so kindly refer you to their professional service$ dept.

So, I am going to try and tease it out on my own.

The manual is at least kind enough to let you know that the xml files live in


Clicking around the genst_GP looks as likely of a template as any for my 945, so I make a copy of it and rename it genst_945

I think the ST and SE should be boiler plate so I’m focusing more inside the ‘G01’

So instead of a G01 I want data from the W06


<Record Name=”G01″ Comment=”Beginning Segment for Invoice” MinOccur=”1″ MaxOccur=”1″ Optional=”M”>
<Element Name=”G0100″ Comment=”Segment Id” Optional=”M” Validator=”G01″ Saved=”SegmentName”/>


<Record Name=”W06″ Comment=”Beginning Segment for warehouse transfer advice” MinOccur=”1″ MaxOccur=”1″ Optional=”M”>
<Element Name=”W0600″ Comment=”Segment Id” Optional=”M” Validator=”W06″ Saved=”SegmentName”/>

Now looking at this line

<Element Name=”W0601″ Comment=”Date” EdiCode=”373″ Optional=”M” VisableAttrs=”EdiCode”/>

I need to change the EDI code to a 514 that I have in my edi spec for the W06

so becomes

<Element Name=”W0601″ Comment=”Reporting Code” EdiCode=”514″ Optional=”M” VisableAttrs=”EdiCode”/>


<Element Name=”W0602″ Comment=”Invoice Number” EdiCode=”76″ Optional=”M” VisableAttrs=”EdiCode” Saved=”SigId2″/>


<Element Name=”W0602″ Comment=”Depositor Order Number” EdiCode=”285″ Optional=”M” VisableAttrs=”EdiCode” Saved=”SigId1″/>

(Changed it to SigId1 since that is the Document Number 1 I want to populate)

So I’m going to continue this editing and then bring in a 945 and see if it does anything useful for me. (I also created the 945 doc type on the Setup / Doc Types screen and pointed it to /genst_945.xml)