Bizlink, creating new doc types for tracking metadata

So for what ever reason bizlink is set up with some of the more common doc types say 850’s and 810’s etc… to grab the useful metadata and index so you can search on it…. but it neglects to do this for all types… seriously, it would not be hard for them to do this correctly. Anyways when you contact them about it, they so kindly refer you to their professional service$ dept.

So, I am going to try and tease it out on my own.

The manual is at least kind enough to let you know that the xml files live in


Clicking around the genst_GP looks as likely of a template as any for my 945, so I make a copy of it and rename it genst_945

I think the ST and SE should be boiler plate so I’m focusing more inside the ‘G01’

So instead of a G01 I want data from the W06


<Record Name=”G01″ Comment=”Beginning Segment for Invoice” MinOccur=”1″ MaxOccur=”1″ Optional=”M”>
<Element Name=”G0100″ Comment=”Segment Id” Optional=”M” Validator=”G01″ Saved=”SegmentName”/>


<Record Name=”W06″ Comment=”Beginning Segment for warehouse transfer advice” MinOccur=”1″ MaxOccur=”1″ Optional=”M”>
<Element Name=”W0600″ Comment=”Segment Id” Optional=”M” Validator=”W06″ Saved=”SegmentName”/>

Now looking at this line

<Element Name=”W0601″ Comment=”Date” EdiCode=”373″ Optional=”M” VisableAttrs=”EdiCode”/>

I need to change the EDI code to a 514 that I have in my edi spec for the W06

so becomes

<Element Name=”W0601″ Comment=”Reporting Code” EdiCode=”514″ Optional=”M” VisableAttrs=”EdiCode”/>


<Element Name=”W0602″ Comment=”Invoice Number” EdiCode=”76″ Optional=”M” VisableAttrs=”EdiCode” Saved=”SigId2″/>


<Element Name=”W0602″ Comment=”Depositor Order Number” EdiCode=”285″ Optional=”M” VisableAttrs=”EdiCode” Saved=”SigId1″/>

(Changed it to SigId1 since that is the Document Number 1 I want to populate)

So I’m going to continue this editing and then bring in a 945 and see if it does anything useful for me. (I also created the 945 doc type on the Setup / Doc Types screen and pointed it to /genst_945.xml)


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