#Opensim Notes 3

So I imported a cool OAR, but then no one else could create objects. I looked all over the place I still haven’t quite grokked permissions yet. Ok, looks like in the singularity viewer I just need to go to build tool, About Land, Options,

Allow other residents to:

Click Create Objects [] All Residents

#opensim Notes 2

So, now that I have it running, time to get it working with MySQL

Following this old guide, hopefully nothing drastic has changed.


I’m not sure of a recommended mysql version for say Dev version that I’m playing with. And I see this bug

  • Windows x64 systems:  There is currently an unresolved bug_id=5294 found when running OpenSimulator with MySQL 5.5 on Windows x64 systems.

But we will see how mysql community 5.6.23 fares. I just went here and downloaded the MSI version.

So I did a custom install and install MySQL Server 5.6.23 X64 and MySQL Workbench 6.2.4 X64

Ok, next, next install. Now to create a DB. I used the Workbench, and the good ol CREATE DATABASE opensim.

Then I edit the StandaloneCommon.ini and comment out the SQLite line and uncomment the MySql lines

Ok, that was fairly painless. I also edited my Regions.ini to take advantage of the varregions! It worked pretty slick as well.

#Opensim notes 1

I have noticed that regions are kindof small so this tutorial looks very helpful in making a mega region.


I followed the instructions to create three more regions. Of course it failed at first (I didn’t increment the ports like instructed) after doing so the console asked me if I wanted to add it to my region. I of course answered yes.

I followed the instructions to create a mega region and they worked as well.

All I needed to do in the above configuration was to edit the OpenSim.ini file in the bin directory to include the line