#Ravello #VEEAM and the chaos monkeys Part 2

So now I got a couple of ESX servers, next up, how to get a working vcenter running on them.

Hmm, looks like if I install vSphere Client on my desktop and open up all the ports I should be able to connect to one of the ESXi machines and then import in an image of a vcenter server… Wish me luck!

Ok, using ports of ‘ALL’ I can certainly reach my ESXi server 🙂


I then went to Deploy OVF template, and choose the downloaded OVF file from vmware site.

OK… scratch that. I think an easier method will be to just create a vcenter as a standalone VM, I will tackle the nested vcenter another day.

I followed the instructions here for the vcenter install.

One tip, after configging the port forwarding, you will need to use https://yourVcenterIP:5480 in order to access the web console.

I was amused at the steps to suppress the warning message about compliance 🙂

And with that I have a working vcenter! (I added the hosts to the vcenter)


Next post, some Veeam, and maybe some monkeys


#VEEAM VPower NFS volume already exists The specified key, name, or identifier already exists

Restart the management service fixed it for me.

Veeam error, consolidate-helper-0

As I mentioned the other day we had a little hiccup with veeam.

I don’t know if this related or not, but we ended up with some stuck snapshots.

The easiest way to find this is to use the Awesome RVTools (I should probably figure out a way to script this alert though)

Now I need to figure out how to remove these snapshot, bother.

So, I looked into getting scripted alerts. This guy seems to be the best:

For what ever reason I had a hard time getting all the requirements setup just right at first. But eventually installing powershell 2.0 in server 2003, and then I installed VMware-PowerCLI-5.1.0-1012425.exe I was finally able to kick everything off…. now it is running a tremendous arsenal against my vmware environment. I’m pretty sure I need to go fix like a bazillion things now…. hmmm

Fail Error: The object has already been deleted or has not been completely created #VEEAM

So apparently there is some bug with Veeam connecting to ESX 4 servers and sure backup. It causes sure backups to fail with the “Fail Error: The object has already been deleted or has not been completely created”

They fixed it with

“After changing the protocol to 2 and removing SSH auth from the ESX 4 hosts (in our database) we were able to successfully create a new virtual lab.”

The sql statement they used looked something like this:

select * from dbo.hosts order by name asc

delete from dbo.ssh_creds

update [VeeamBackup].[dbo].[Hosts] set protocol=2 where info like ‘VMware ESX 4.%’

This server] Failed to open management RPC connection to proxy service. Port: ‘6162’. The RPC server is unavailable RPC function call failed. #VEEAM

This looks to be the sign of a dying server 🙂 The veeam backup proxy service did not start on initial system startup. When I started it manually though, it did start. I also have a PFA predicitve fail on a drive so once again I think the poor server is dying.

VEEAM Reason: The destination file system does not support large files.

This happens if the datastore that the virtual lab VM lives on has been formatted with too small of a block size. Either create a new datastore and then a new virtual lab on it with a bigger block size, or storage vmotion to the rescue.

Verifying Automount is turned off (for veeam)

We can verify the status of Automatic mounting of new volumes by looking at the value of the following key: